Healthy Recipes - NEW!

Let's be honest ... not all recipes on my site are healthy and suitable for an everyday meal! Here, you'll find recipes you can be proud to include in your lifestyle repertoire.

*I will be working on nutritional info for these soon. Stay tuned.

Banana Ice Cream - with nutritional info

Chicken Satay

Chicken Casserole
*You should know that this recipe is iffy on healthiness. However, as long as you cut some - or all - of the butter and lighten up the cheese, it's not an unhealthy option. 

Cookie Dough Bites - with nutritional info

Italian Chicken Chili - with nutritional info

Mediterranean Chicken

Roast Beef

100% Guilt Free Spaghetti

Spring Chicken

Steak Dinner

Healthy Taco Salad

Taco Soup - with nutritional info

Tilapia Packets

Veggie and Beans

No Sugar Marinara

Protein Shake

A Fruity Tip

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