Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cookie Dough Bites

For those of us trying to avoid processed sugars, preservatives, and other diet killers, I have a great treat, credit originally to, for you that will be sure to help you satisfy your cravings. I can vouch for these to taste like a candy bar but be *significantly* healthier. The great thing about this recipe is you can sub out so many of the options! The dates are the base, but you can switch out the milks, nut butter, types and flavors of protein, and 'toppings' (in my case, I used nuts, but feel free to improvise according to taste!)

Cookie Dough Bites

14-15 pitted, fresh medjool dates
4-5 Tbs natural peanut butter
2 Tbs almond+ milk
3 Tbs unsweetened coconut milk
2 scoops Trader Darwin's chocolate whey
1 scoop GNC vanilla whey
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/3 cup almonds
1/4 cup sunflower seeds

After pitting dates, blend with peanut butter in a food processor or strong blender until smooth. Add almond and coconut milks, vanilla extract, and protein powders. Finally, add in nuts (or chocolate chips!) and blend until desired consistency.

Smooth out in a large square over tin foil and freeze for at least 1 hour. Slice into 32 bite size pieces.

Nutritional info:
1/32 size piece
57 calories
2.6 g total fat
7.7 g total carbs
1 g fiber
6 g sugar
2.4 g protein

This recipe is an adaptation from the original link at at

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