Non-Recipe Posts

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August 2012

Diet Lifestyle - August 10

  • Living with a healthy lifestyle is about more than restriction. It's about living, taking a day off, and treating your body right for a huge payoff.

March 2011

The Difference Between Weight (Number) and Fitness - March 21

  • Do you feel like your fitness goals aren't going anywhere? Feel like you'll never look like that ideal body type you have in mind? Read why your number shouldn't so important.
A New Challenge - March 25
  • Life is filled with obstacles and barriers to keep us from a healthy lifestyle! Whether your obstacle is binging, not wanting to workout, or physical limitations, it can be frustrating. This article describes the new challenge that's become a personal trial for me.
  • Where do you stand with your protein, carb, fiber, and good fat intakes? Do you have any idea? This article has a couple of tips on figuring out nutritional information for homemade food as well as helpful calculators that let you know what your intake goals should be. 

February 2011

  • Includes tips on journaling for a healthier lifestyle, and the benefits of walking after each meal.
Productivity and a Healthier Lifestyle - February 7
  • Includes tips on productivity and how this helps you lead a healthier life.
Honesty - February 11
  • Is the transition diet working for you? It isn't for me. This article details my feelings on the transition diet and what might work better for me - and for you.
Consistency - February 23
  • Do you struggle with exercise and diet consistency? So do I, and I bet your neighbor does, too! Read here for some tips on how to deal with inconsistency and learning how to keep going.
  • Feeling guilty because you skipped the gym to catch up on some Grey's Anatomy? Feel guilty no longer! 

January 2011

8 Week Transition Diet - January 28
  • The full and complete diet instructions for the 8 week transition challenge.