Thursday, April 3, 2008

Immaturity and Direction

I know that the title of this does not seem to agree with itself, but the past few days have brought a few subjects to mind. In fact, the immaturity I speak of is not my own, but rather part of the psychotic personalities of two of my room mates.

At almost any private college, they have something similar to what we call the Honor Code at BYU-I. This includes not having boys in your bedroom or over past curfew, not wearing spaghetti straps on campus, etc. It also includes being active in whatever church you are a part of (there are non-members here who go to other churches), and quiet hours from 10pm to 8am.

Unfortunately, not everyone who is in a private school believes in the letter, let alone the spirit, of these rules. Four of us in our apartment, Emily, Courtney, Kat, and I, have had problems with two of our room mates, Amy and Kaycee, throughout the semester concerning the Honor Code. Several times, we have had to ask boys to leave when curfew is already past, and had to ask them to not sit in the girls' rooms and socialize, especially when they close the door. It also eventually got to the extreme of Amy's boyfriend spending the night and taking a shower in our bathroom.

Obviously we had reached a problem, and someone, we're actually not sure who, called the Student Honor Office on-campus, who then called each of us into their office for individual meetings.

Two nights ago, things escalated from bad to worse. Amy and Kaycee were obviously angry with us, although it isn't our fault that they broke the rules, and that we told the truth. However, they began doing immature things such as tearing off the paper Valentine's Day hearts Emily had put up on everyone's doors. They continued to rip them up and throw them in front of Emily's door. They also ruined the paper cranes that Courtney had made, throwing them on the kitchen floor.

Since curfew is at midnight, none of us really ever ask for the tv to be turned down, or voices to be lowered until after that time. So, because I'd been unable to go to sleep for the noise coming from Kaycee's room, I finally walked out of my bedroom and down the hall at 12:15 to ask her, Amy, and their friend (who was over past curfew), if they could please be a little more quiet. They all stared at me, then Kaycee very shortly said, "No. We're awake so too bad. Get over it."

I walked back to my bedroom in shock. I wondered if possibly her attitude had been an April Fool's Joke, but it turns out it wasn't. Over the next hour, their noise level increased, as another friend came over. They began fake screaming, laughing loudly, and yelling back and forth to one another over the extreme noise of the tv. I talked to one of my other room mates, and she told me I could call the R.A., which I did immediately. The R.A. said she couldn't really do anything, but that she would talk to them over the phone, and so I walked out to the living room and up to Kaycee. As I handed her my phone, she demanded, "What's this?" I told her it was our R.A., and she scornfully said, "Are you serious?"

I don't happen to know if the R.A. and Kaycee are good friends, but from what I overheard, they must be. Kaycee started laughing and saying how ridiculous it was, and how the R.A. didn't need to be sorry, and they'd see each other later. As the phone call finished, I walked up to Kaycee and held out my hand for my phone. She began yelling at me about how stupid I am and how I do this to them every night, and they aren't ever allowed to make noise if I don't want them to.

I must admit I began yelling back. I was incredibly angry. I told her that I have NOT said anything in the past two months, because I normally take sleeping pills and am knocked out whether there is light or sound. She proceeded to say, "Well shutup and go to your room! Put your stupid ear plugs in and shutup about it!"

I was afraid to leave my room the next morning, for fear of confrontation. I was so unhappy with the fact that I was made to feel so uncomfortable in my own home, that I carefully looked out of my room to make sure Kaycee and Amy were not awake yet, threw on some shoes, and ran down to the manager's office. I told them the entire story, but I'm not sure if they will do anything.

Thankfully, there are only 8 days left with these horrors. While I am on my way to California next Friday, they will be leaving my apartment and moving somewhere else. They may even be getting kicked out; I am not sure yet.

All of that said, there are a lot of people here that are really wonderful. My other room mates are really fun, and while of course they have their own faults, they tend to be more on the normal side of humanity. I suppose I just don't understand why people like Kaycee and Amy are at this school. Similarly, if I had gone to Master's or Biola as originally planned, I'm sure I would have found people there about whom I would have wondered the same things. I am sick of people saying that, "My parents made me come here." You are an adult, no one can force you to come to a school or institution that you disagree with. Stop blaming mommy and daddy, start paying for your own schooling, and go where you want to go. Just don't ruin it for the rest of us.

Anyway, that rant is over... for now.

So as I've continued to consider my major and direction in life, my room mate helped me come to a wonderful conclusion. I could be an English major, psych minor, still get my master's in counseling, and then have the freedom to choose between my two ideal jobs. It will take the same amount of time, have much interest for me, and will end in a wonderful conclusion. I have to be honest, I'm fairly excited about this course. I am glad to slowly be figuring out my wants as far as education go.

The snow is continuing to melt away, although the weather is still not up to par with my expectations of spring. Although temperatures are supposed to be in the high 40's today, it is currently 17 degrees. How I wish I could have seen spring in California. By the time I get there in mid-April (thankfully, coming so soon!), it will nearly be summer:)

Finals are beginning, and somehow I am not frightened. My English final was nearly a joke, no pun intended even though it was given on April Fool's Day. We were given the prompt, "What is one thing you have learned from this class that you believe has benefited you?" then told to write two pages, handwritten. I really believe that was the easiest final I have ever taken since junior high.

I have also rearranged my class schedule a little bit:
M: 1:15-2:45 Interpersonal Communications (3 credits)
T: 9-10 Trigonometry (2 credits)
10:15-11:15 Religion (2 credits)
11:30-1:oo Geography (3 credits)
3:15-4:15 Creative Writing (3 credits)

Wednesday and Thursday are the same as those days, although I also have a 1 credit Geography lab.

Also, yesterday I had an interview and was hired for a tutoring job on-campus for next semester. I am really excited, because the job allows you to make your own hours and it will be good experience for me if I do ever become a teacher. Also, the pay is fairly good for Idaho, at 7.50 an hour.

More exciting than all of that is that Paul found a very good job up here in Rexburg for the summer. He is going to be selling church DVDs through referrals, and can make up to 30k in 14 weeks! They also pay for his rent, and possibly even some of his gas money. I am so excited that he will be here this summer, as will Breanne.

Life is definitely looking a little more promising for the future:)

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Jess(ica) said...

Sorry to hear about your roommates! That is no fun! Ionce had a roommate who did drugs and brought creepy guys over ... luckily, they never stayed the night, but that still sucked!

Can you lock your room while you come home for break? Hopefully when those girls move out they don't take or break any of your stuff.