Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm almost there!!

I am so excited to see the end of this semester! I have one final left, and only two of four of my regular classes on Thursday, since my psychology and American heritage classes have been canceled. So far, I have done well on my finals. My worst grade was a 88%... but I must admit that I did not study for my child development test, so I am glad I did as well as I did.

And after Thursday, here comes the sun! I cannot wait to be in beautiful, sunny, warm California! I'm not sure if I will even really need to bring a jacket with me, as the lows in California are higher than the highs in Rexburg!

I am also excited to know that I will have finished my first semester in college. I still can't believe that I am already here that I'm already so old. Sometimes, I still feel like the little girl who likes to play outside, and has never had a job, and whose biggest worry is if Erik will ever reciprocate her admirations. I still wonder at the way time quickly passes, and how I still never feel a day older, though more mature, as time progresses.

Well, I am off to my last class of my English class:( I am a bit sad about that, actually. I have thoroughly enjoyed both my class, and my teacher. The worst part is that she is sick tonight, and cannot even attend class. I will wish I had had the chance to say goodbye. Anyway, farewell, and see you all soon!

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