Sunday, June 13, 2010

May and June so far

May and June have been really busy months so far. Man, I thought I was busy taking 22 units last semester, but I feel like time has really flown since we've been out of school (since April 29). Here's a brief look at what our lives have been like in the last six weeks.

Since May 1, I've been working for my mom and stepdad listing items on their e-Bay store. It's been fun working with my mom and my new friend, Emily, who also works for my mom. A little extra money to pay bills and save for school hasn't been bad either=)

Also on May 1, we found out that Paul was not accepted to UCSB, and we will be going to UC San Diego in the fall! We are both a little disappointed, but know it will still be great. To be honest, though, we're both a little tired of hearing, "But San Diego is so nice!" We know, but we think Santa Barbara is nicer=) Maybe grad school... Paul will be going in for his biology degree, and I will be getting my history degree. Paul is pursuing physical therapy, and I'd like to get a doctorate in history to be a professor. Here's to our first big step!

Paul and I took a Sunday for ourselves to go to Yosemite (May 16). It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed a day off together enjoying God's creation. We made sure to take a few good pictures while we were there=)

Paul's 24th birthday was also this month! (Like I said, we've been busy). We were supposed to go to Great America that day, but the weather (as I'm sure everyone knows) has been weird everywhere this year and we were unable to go due to the rain. We ended up staying in town, going to the Elephant Bar for lunch, and buying new computers. Haha! Yep. 

With our new Macbooks that we bought for school, we also got free iPod touches. Sa-weeeeet!

My brother came up from SLO to surprise Paul for his birthday

Feeding 20-some people takes a lot of food (and work!)

He's so cute=)

Paul was also off Memorial Day, which was really nice to have a day to run errands and do random things together! With Paul's birthday money, we bought something we've wanted for about a year now... We played for a few nights in a row but both got pretty sore. Paul is starting to play for the ward Softball League for the summer, so I'm glad he has something fun to do outside of work! 

We also went to two weddings and a graduation in May! Congratulations to Steve and Breanne, and Brenden and Hannah, and Kaitlynn (Paul's sister) on her high school graduation. Saturdays in May and June are busy busy with graduations, weddings, and a lot of birthdays...

So far, June has been a good month, too. The sun finally seems ready to permanently quit hiding behind clouds and rain (thank goodness!!!) and summer is off to a good start. Last Saturday the 5, we went to Great America with Steve and Breanne. It was really fun to go scream our heads off with our newlywed friends=)

Like I said, we've been busy and time has been flying, and I probably left out a few things without meaning to. We have a lot more fun things planned this summer with friends before moving! BBQs, parties, lake trips, another Great America trip, visits to So-Cal to see my sister's family, etc, etc=) Looking forward to the next few months!

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Jess(ica) said...

You left out that I came to visit! hehe

but really, it sounds like you've been busy but having fun! Send some of that CA sun to MN please! our may was super nice but June... nothing but rain! boo!