Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Few More Great Videos and Something a Friend Said...

Here is a copied version of something a friend posted on facebook. I agreed with everything she said, and wanted to reiterate it by posting it here. I am also posting here videos with good information to watch to help you talk to those you know who are unsure on which way to vote. Also, please remember that it is by our participation that we can make Prop 8 pass! If we believe in a cause, we must stand up for it. Thank goodness the founding fathers weren't pansies like a lot of us, or we'd still be part of England. We need to decide what we believe and go for it! :)

This is also a great video. Please take the 6 or 7 minutes to watch it. I would have embedded it here but it is not on youtube. This video shows how a man was arrested just for wanting his parental notification on what his five year old child was learning about same-sex marriage after the kindergartener was sent home with a book condoning gay marriage.

"I support Proposition 8. This proposition is vital and important in protecting the values of family and morality I hold very dear to my heart. I want to give my children the same rights of free speech, religious and family value tolerance I have enjoyed growing up in the great state of California. I love California. It is hard to express in words how much I love it. I really can't imagine living anywhere else. However, if proposition 8 does not pass I do not think California will be the kind of place where I will want to raise my family. The Lord has ordained marriage to be between a man and a women and any teaching contrary to that is not ordained of God. Some may say that by supporting prop 8 I am not being tolerant. The word tolerant has gained a new meaning over the years. In popular society if you do not accept the acts of a person you are not accepting them and therefore intolerant. But I do not believe I need to be tolerant of something I do not support. Jesus said love everyone. "We can love someone while still maintaining and advocating our standards and beliefs." This is what I have always tried to do and I believe by voting yes on prop 8 and by sharing what I know I am upholding my standards. Please seriously consider your position on this very important issue, which will have effects for years to come, and vote. It is an American tradition so many have died for, so respect them and respect yourself; educate yourself and vote.

Here are some websites with more information about Proposition 8"

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