Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Vote Yes on Prop 8!

We went to a church broadcast tonight concerning Prop 8. Though I know that everyone who reads my blog is against my participation in the Mormon church, please pass on the information that I post here, as I also know that Proposition 8 passing is very important to any of my California family.

A few important things we can do, as Christians and those who believe in the definition of marriage to solely include a man and a woman be joined together, is start helping the actual canvassing and persuasion coalitions to turn the vote to yes on November 4th. You can do this by going online to and registering to help and to continue receiving information on how to talk to family and friends. Another great website is where you can find similar information from a scriptural-based perspective.

Please get the word out! This upcoming vote will affect not only your children or grandchildren, but their children and grandchildren as well. This proposition, if it fails, will immediately increase taxes, and the sexual education, as well as many other types of education in public schools, will soon be teaching children not only of the sexual nature between a man and a woman, but also those between man and man and woman and woman. The tolerance the state of California is trying to expand will soon begin pushing the limits even farther.

Also, if you are not yet registered to vote, PLEASE DO SO! The deadline is October 20th to have your form into the registrar's office. And if you are registered to vote, please actually do so. This proposition, whichever direction it takes, will change the future of not only California but of the United States. Let's make that change a positive one and keep marriage holy and sanctified as it was ordained of God -- between a man and a woman only.


Rebecca said...

Man! I wish we could vote in this election. . . it is such an important one, with so many critical issues at stake. Even though we can't vote, we will definitely be praying!

Four peas in a pod said...

Please don't forget, before you pull the voting lever, to take a moment to think of all those radical, liberal, feminist man-hating women suffragists - who defied their husbands - and made it possible for you, a conservative woman, to vote.

There is a lesson in there somewhere if you dare to think about it.

3dingsandadog said...

Hello, first I would just like to say that I respect your opinion. However, I completely disagree. I do not think views need to be changed in the church, which is a private institution. On the flip side of that, we are talking about making a legal change in government. I do not think church and state should be combined. Kyleigh is in elementary school currently and I have no worries about what she is being taught. If they teach about a marriage(which she never has),whether it be man and woman, or same sex to same sex, really doesn't concern me. That is saying that it would influence them one way or the other. That it is a choice. I do not believe it is a choice.

My main reason is because I believe ALL people deserve to be treated equally, when we are talking about the laws of our state and/or government. Marriage and civil union are not created equal. So why, should I being a heterosexual married woman have more rights than my sister who happens to be in a loving same sex marriage? Isn't America based upon freedom of choice and equality for all? I believe that if a parent has fears about what they are teaching and saying in a public school system( trust me there are many issues that many may not agree with), that you enroll your child into a religious based private school.

Again, this is not to come down on your opinion nor try to change it, but just to show you a different side.