Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Few Things

I'm sure that it's well known, but I am engaged now! Paul and I have been trying to figure out exactly when to set the date, but we're a little stuck. Because of school starting soon after Christmas, and certain family members that won't be in California at the time we want to get married, we are considering having our wedding and reception different weeks. The direction we are kind of heading for now is our wedding being December 6, having our honeymoon the next week, then moving everything up to our new home in Idaho and getting settled there, then coming home for Christmas with our families and having our reception sometime within that time frame. That will take the stress off of us as school starts because we will already be settled in our new life together:)

My second semester has started this week. So far, I have really been enjoying most of my classes. I have to be honest, however, that my geography class, though easy, shall be the bane of my existence. I have never been subjected to anything more boring. However, the teacher seems very lenient, and the course itself isn't that hard...just, as I said, ridiculously boring. However, I so far LOVE my Creative Writing class. The first day, we received a taste of what the semester will be like as we were all asked to take a scrap of paper and write one line of poetry on it. Our teacher collected our words and then copied them all onto the computer screen and asked us to rearrange the random lines into a coherent and interesting poem. It was a wonderful and exciting exercise that has made the class seem great already.

Unfortunately, though Monday and Tuesday were warm and beautiful, the green grass reflecting the soft sunlight, today proved cold and gray, and as I was dismissed from my Eternal Marriage Prep class, I walked outside to find that it was... SNOWING! Shall I ever be granted a reprieve? While the snow did come later, this seemed to be the cause for the depressed and annoyed mood I felt this morning. How interesting it is that my mood be so affected by the sun! I've asked Paul already if it is possible for us to live somewhere warmer when we get married. I don't care where, as long as the sun shines a majority of days.

At any rate, this is a small and rather poorly detailed update on my life as it is today:)

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