Saturday, October 9, 2010


It's already the end of Week 2. I can't believe we've already been at UCSD for two weeks. It's just finally settling in that I am a JUNIOR already at one of the best universities in the US. I'm amazed sometimes that we've made it here already.

Paul and I are both enjoying our classes. Well, that is to say, we're enjoying some of our classes. I am taking History of Socialism, the Sociology of the Holocaust, a lower-division US History class, and we are both taking Sports History. Paul is taking Pre-Calc for pre-med majors, Gen. Chem., and History of Mexico.

Paul actually loves his pre-calculus class. His teacher is apparently funny and very thorough, and Paul feels confident coming out of that class (thank goodness! He has a long career of hard math classes ahead, so starting off on the right foot is great!), but he says his chem class is very boring and confusing. He also really enjoys his Mexican history class. Paul recently spoke with someone about surgeries and he is incredibly interested in medicine and surgery. He still has a goal of sports - but he wants to go further now than he had previously planned. His goal now is to get into orthopedic surgery (knees.) Wish him luck (and prayer) on this long journey he (we!, who am I kidding) is embarking on.

Our Sports history class is so incredibly boring that I'd rather not waste the energy to write about it. My LD US history class is - eh, lower division. Not too difficult, per say, but tedious because it's meant to separate the history lovers from the ... well, non-history lovers. I am loving both my Socialism and Holocaust classes. In both, the subject matter as well as the teachers are great. It is really helping me refine and refocus what I plan to do as far as majors here at UCSD and my further educational career. I am now considering a minor or double major in sociology. I love knowing WHY people have done the things they've done and do. I'm also not 100% sure anymore about French history; German history is pretty interesting as well, what with the Reformation, the World Wars, and the Holocaust (along with a lot more that I'm sure I have yet to learn!)

But enough about the classes. We have also gotten involved in the Libertarian (Young Americans for Liberty) group. There are some in the group who are a little bit too far gone, in my opinion - anarchy and discussions of 10 yr olds having liberty is ridiculous. But a lot of the others in the group are right on target. We believe the Constitution, and Jefferson is our role model.

I've started going to the Campus Crusade, Real Life, women's Bible study on Monday nights and have already made some great friends, one of whom is in my socialism class. Paul and I have also looked into getting more involved with leadership and activities committee. However, it's a little bit hard right now because I am working on top of my classes and we are just too, too busy! I'm sure we'll settle in eventually but it's difficult for both of us right now.

On another note, I am turning 21 in 10 days!! We don't have any plans yet because my birthday, quite unfortunately, falls on a Tuesday. But I'm sure we'll do something fun during the next weekend or something. Anyone have any ideas?? :)

I am missing the transition right now from summer to fall to winter in Mo-town. It's weird here because it was about 105 here last week, then it rained part of this week, and now it's just ... 75 and sunny. I'm not sure how to handle this when I am wishing it was cold and rainy for a couple of months, so I can light some harvest/fall candles, so I can feel like the holidays are actually coming (pretty sure it won't feel like Christmas time when it's warm all during December:)

Anyway, I think that's all for now, folks!


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