Thursday, October 28, 2010

At Home Remedies: Sugar Scrub Honey Facial

I haven't posted in a while . . . I know this. I was planning on giving an update on school (since it has gotten significantly better this last week) but . . . that will have to wait for another post. Instead of giving a journal like update, I want to focus this post on something that I think is fun, helpful, and (to some, may be) exciting! So why am I sharing this? Because I saw a noticeable difference in my face (tightening, smoother skin and less zits) in two uses!

Honey/Sugar Scrub Facial Recipe*

1.25 lbs SUGAR (one canister)
1 cup SEA SALT
1 cup HONEY
The juice of three LEMONS (fresh, preferably - approximately 1 cups' worth)

Make sure to make this in a container that is airtight for storage (I used tupperware.)
Mix well.
The lemon juice and baking soda will fizz so here's a tip: (Add the salt AFTER. This will calm the reaction.)

(Take note that the salt MAY sting. If this is the case, consider using less (or no) salt.)

TO USE: It would be best to use in the shower (after the steam has opened your pores), but not necessarily needed. Make sure to have completely removed any traces of makeup before using as you will be leaving the mixture on for a few minutes. Scoop a generous amount of the scrub into your hands and gently put onto your face. Spread thick - not thin! Leave on for about 3-5 minutes, then gently rub in circles before rinsing with clean, lukewarm/warm water. Use your favorite facial moisturizer afterwards.

All of the ingredients in this recipe are natural, and great for your face for different reasons. From my research:
Lemon juice is good for lightening spots from acne scars and sun spots.
Baking soda, sugar and salt are natural exfoliants that leave for faces noticeably softer without the over-processed, unnatural chemicals from who knows where! Baking soda and salt are also natural sanitizers and cleaners.
Honey has a natural antibiotic that can help kill and prevent germs, and therefore clear your pores, as well as tighten the skin for firmness.

*This recipe was compiled and designed by me. I found many sources that pointed to all of these things being good for your face and decided to see what would happen when mixed. Enjoy!


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Karalynn said...

I really want to try this but I'm not sure I'll ever get around to it; I'm not much for shopping for items that aren't typically on my list because shopping's such a huge ordeal when you've got two little ones to "cart" around.