Friday, September 3, 2010

Coronado Beach and Midnight Sea-Shelling

We haven't really done much yet since we've been here. We've basically just gone shopping, gone out to eat, and lain around the house. Last night, we finished watching License to Wed at 930 then decided that we wanted to go to take a walk at the beach. It took us about an hour to get ready, leave, find our way out there, and then actually get onto the beach. On the way, we passed the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum (which I hope to go to soon!), the Padres stadium (called PETCO Stadium ... pretty sad), and drove over the Coronado bridge. Coronado Island is beautiful! Unfortunately it was too dark to take many pictures but I'm sure we will visit again soon.

Anyway, once on the beach, we walked maybe a quarter mile then sat and listened... I took the video below:)

I also wrote in the sand ... :)

Then we decided to do some midnight sea-shelling. I was sooo excited when I found a WHOLE sand dollar!!! Then we found several other ones, though some of them had pieces missing from the middle so we didn't keep those. We found one that was super tiny - probably half an inch diameter, but we lost it somehow on the way home :( We also found a live sand dollar. We saw this little scrape in the sand and it was moving a bit, so Paul dug it up and we washed it off. Poor little guy was scared and stopped moving until after we put him back in the sand. We decided to let him stay at the beach :)

These are the shells we came home with ... once we figure out what we want to do with them, I'll take more pictures, but for now, they're soaking in a baking soda bath to rid them of the smell:D

Some unopened ones paul insisted we bring home. Im worried about what may come out.

We're planning on going to Balboa Park, maybe the Zoo OR Disneyland and a few other places next week. For now, we're still enjoying resting and recuperating:o) Here are just a few other pictures from the last couple days.

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