Monday, August 30, 2010

So Far...

Yay! I got the pictures to upload. I had some problems earlier getting them on to the computer, but finally worked my way around the technical issues ... here are a few pictures of our house pre- all decorations (which we still haven't gotten up) and ... excuse some boxes/trash here and there:) Otherwise .... here is the photo story of our life in SD .... SO FAR ....

View from just inside the front door

Just inside the front door, to the left

Just past the stairs, looking into the living room

Standing at the bottom of the stairs, looking into the living room

Standing in the corner by the dining table

Sitting in the corner of the couch

Sitting in the corner of the couch

My huge kitchen :)

Tiny stove + refrigerator but LOTS of counterspace

View from kitchen window

Looking out from kitchen

The vanity area outside the bathroom... to the left is the bathroom

Standing by the outer vanity area looking into the bathroom

Bathroom vanity

The original toilet seat ... why anyone would want a clear top on their toilet seat with aquarium style, I do NOT know....

... so we bought a toilet seat cover and we think it looks much better.

View out the bathroom window

Sitting on the toilet... LOL

The bathroom (and kitchen) flooring! Love it!!

Opposite side of room from bathroom, looking into bedroom.... basically standing immediately above where you'd come in the front door (forgot to take picture of bedroom coming from stairs. oh well guess everyone will just have to visit to see it for themselves?!!!)

Not a good picture, but this is the new dresser we bought at Ikea yesterday, or the day before, I can't keep these things straight .... what day is it?

Here you can see that I have white sheer behind the blue silk curtains:) ... It's prettier in person.

Our upstairs balcony where I am excited to sit all the time.

Sitting in the chair - view

Looking west in the balcony

Looking east in the balcony

Coming in from the balcony

"Storage" closet .... it's actually another door to the upstairs hallway, but we're allowed to just block off the door with our junk and make it look however we want :) Our landlord actually gave us the idea.

Yep. The SECOND thing I ate here in SD was Pho Noodle Soup.... (The FIRST thing was Filippi's Pizza ... but that only means anything to you if you're related to me on the Clark side.)

Nice Pho restaurant.


Pho Viet in Modesto is actually better but I think with time I'll get used to it. It's like leaving your mom's home cooked meals, but eventually you find a new taste bud in there somewheres;)

So, there ya have it ... so far. More to be added later:) Let me know if there is any other thing I should take a picture of! 


Michael and Amber said...

Awesome house, sweet views, great food what more could you ask for? Glad you guys are settling in nicely!! Enjoy your time in SD :)

Jess(ica) said...

awesome apartment!

I've only had that pizza once, btw. I don't really remember the taste, just the meat market as we walked in... and the fact that my family met up with Barb and Kyleigh (it was the first time we met Kyleigh).

Chad and Clair said...

Love the house...your furniture is so pretty in your new pad. Hope everything else goes smoothly.