Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My heart breaks...

If you haven't heard of the ongoing struggle Pastor Britt Merrick of Reality Santa Barbara and his family are going through, head over to prayfordaisy.com.

Their beautiful 6 year old daughter has been struggling with cancer for nearly a year now, and after a two month remission, is now facing it once more. I wanted to share the beautiful sermon that Pastor Merrick gave this past weekend. No matter what brand of faith you have, you can appreciate his stalwart belief and trust in his God.

In his words,
"Reading Job I realize: He was a better man than me, had bigger problems than me, but I have better friends than him!"
The video:
Struck Down but Not Destroyed

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Judi Dalton said...

The Merrick's living faith in an ALWAYS good God is so inspiring. I pray that their little Daisy Love is spared.