Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What I see


I posted this on a friend's page in response to his asking why people are so upset about healthcare. Here are a few of the reasons I believe:

Health care problems currently exist because the government ALREADY subsidized it. If the government didn't already have their grimy hands in the pie, it wouldn't cost so much money, but because they do, it drove insurance costs up because doctors and insurance groups knew they could collect on subsidies the more things cost. Simple market economics. This is why it IS so hard for most people to pay for insurance - because it IS a ripoff! You're right - insurance groups should NOT be allowed to deny you coverage and THAT should change, but that is the TINIEST BIT of this bill. This bill seeks to:

>Increase 14 different taxes, especially from the middle class to pay for the poor who do not pay a cent in taxes, most of whom are already on welfare and don't deserve to be. (I'll save my welfare rant for another day)
>Force you to pay for insurance if you're not poor enough to receive it for free (... so you'll most likely end up paying. It really won't cover you unless you make absolutely next to nothing.) If you opt out of having insurance, you will be slapped a big fine.
>>This bill also will call for the employment of ARMED IRS agents to be able to come to your door and demand to see your proof of "government approved" healthcare.
>Cover ILLEGAL ALIENS even more than they already are. (I don't know about you but I am PISSED OFF that someone who is in my country ILLEGALLY is getting free healthcare, while I pay 150 a month for minimal insurance.)

Also, the bill is a major problem because it was passed without the consent of MOST of America. If you look at polls, about 78% say that they disapprove of health care reform in the way it is being passed. This ruined the true democratic republic system in America. The senators took an oath to uphold the will of the people - but they did not. This is a major issue why the health care issue pisses people off. Also, they put a statement into the bill that is COMPLETELY unconstitutional. It states that it will take 60% of the senate to overturn the bill should it ever come up again - this is completely against the Constitution's majority rule law clauses.

Another point - the more "free*" healthcare we have, the more it will drive up the amount of people going in for DUMB procedures (do you really need the doctor to put neosporin on your finger just because your healthcare says it's free?) and it will DRAMATICALLY slow the system. What may have been a one-day turn around to get an appointment may be up to a month or more. I'm not trying to be ridiculous, but that is LITERALLY how it is in other countries with socialized medicine.

Please watch this short video. It should help you understand why ECONOMICALLY socialized medicine is terrible for America. It ignores the political and medicinal reasons, and purely speaks simple-to-understand economics.


While I certainly feel for those that are kicked off of healthcare for unfair reasons, I do NOT feel for those who:
a) refuse to pay for health insurance
b) refuse to pay for their own treatments and write them off to the state and federal govts which pass them along to small business owners to pay for by way of medicare and medicaid taxes
c) are illegal and SHOULD NOT be receiving free healthcare.
d) can get jobs but are unwilling to and are therefore being paid for by MY taxes. I not only go to school double-time but work part-time, and it SICKENS me that while I can barely pay my bills, some lazy-a** is getting free healthcare and welfare off my hard work. THIS SHOULD NOT BE A PART OF AMERICA!

P.S. I would appreciate you not writing this off as "republican scare tactics" as most liberals seemed inclined to do when a conservative makes a genuine point. Perhaps Glenn Beck speaks a little to harsh, but I personally am attempting to inform. For one thing, though I may be saying much of the same as the "republicans," I in fact am a member of the Constitutionalist Party, and I in no way am trying to SCARE anyone. This is SIMPLE pure fact that I've written.


First, I actually never said it was free. If you notice, I put an asterisk by it, inside of "sarcasm quotes" :). It ISN'T FREE AT ALL and that was one of my major points ... health care should NOT be paid for by MY taxes. Secondly, YOU were the one who called it socialized medicine (see your second comment.) Now, I'm going to attempt to address your points one by one.

1. Have you REALLY reviewed the bill (all 1000+ pages of it) or have you read the CNN timeline and taken the left-leaning Obama-loving newsgroup at face value? :) If you have read it, I applaud you. That's something even 95% of Congress hasn't done!

2. Um, yes. We actually can change the fact that government subsidizes health care ... it's called free market privatization. Health care and health procedures were DRASTICALLY different before the government stepped in, and I find it interesting that you assume they can't step back out just because they're the government.

3. HAHA sorry to inform you but the bill will in fact increase illegal immigrant health care. Please read:http://www.heritage.org/Research/Reports/2009/11/Providing%20Health%20Care%20for%20Illegal%20Immigrants%20Understanding%20the%20House%20Health%20Care%20Billspecifically : "All illegal immigrant women who do not have private health insurance and who give birth inside the United States will have the full cost of childbirth paid by the U.S. taxpayers. There will be no effort to have the mother repay any of the cost. Given the fact that nearly 400,000 children are born inside the U.S. each year to illegal immigrant women, these costs could be quite large."

4. Whether or not we have "free*" clinics (again, please note the asterisk and the sarcasm quotations), illegal immigrants will continue to receive care that they SHOULD NOT HAVE!! If I go to another country illegally, ILLEGALLY, I should not be paid for by ANYONE but myself! In fact, I should be ARRESTED whether or not I need care, for the simple fact that I am breaking THE LAW! I HONESTLY don't get what people think is okay about treating illegal immigrants under taxpayer money. It is ridiculous that we a) don't get them into trouble and b) don't make them pay. I understand that they should receive treatment, but they do not pay for it EVER and secondly, they are most often NOT deported IMMEDIATELY after! Both payment for treatment and deportment should be requirements for treatment in any case, emergency or not.

5. Again I find it interesting that you are okay with the idea of insurance premiums GOING UP because, quote, "that is due to subsidization of the government." I AGAIN refer you to the video I posted previously. Please let me know if you've watched it. As previously stated, the idea of privatized free market makes so much more sense. It is NO DIFFERENT than the fact that the cost of an 3G phones and plans are going down all the time because of competitive rates. NO DIFFERENT. Competition causes lowest rates in interest of the buyer - Adam Smith's invisible hand makes sense, even if the world of health care. HEALTH INSURANCE IS A GOOD, NOT A RIGHT!! It is something to be bought and sold. Period.

6. I agree with you - it does suck that we pay for lazy people. This is because we live in welfare state (and that my friend, IS SOCIALISM) This could be taken care of if we no longer, again, allowed the government to subsidize and pass along others bills. People need to pay for their own treatments, period. I have had up to 1000 dollars in medical bills that my insurance did not cover IN THE LAST YEAR but I paid for that - while I can barely even pay other bills. I am barely BARELY above the poverty line, but I still get slapped in the face. Government needs to get out, and hospitals NEED to make people pay for THEIR OWN TREATMENT. If the government is out of it, people will be able to pick and choose doctors based on price, and the competitiveness as I said in point 6, will drive the price down.

7. A question of my own. Can you please address the constitutionality of this bill as well as the way it was passed against the general will of the people as I pointed out in my original post?

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