Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Few Exciting Things

Rexburg has its perks. I've only recently discovered my favorite one -- the cheap theatre!

With the rising prices of gas, movies, food -- everything!!! -- it's nice to sometimes be able to go out an enjoy yourself for a reasonable dollar or two. There are two options for movie theatres here in Rexburg- The Rex (which is equal to a regular theatre in California, only a little cheaper... a matinee is I believe 6, and a regular movie is 8.50... and I've heard California is about two dollars more expensive now) and the Cheap Theatre (it used to be called the dollar theatre, but like everything else, has gone up.)

Tonight, some friends and I are going to go to a regular movie time for only three dollars! PLUS Wednesdays are "free popcorn day!" I'm serious, kids, this is a real savings. Also, Indiana Jones is finally in the cheap theatre. I've wanted to see this movie since March!! Now, Paul and I get to go tomorrow night .... and tomorrow night at the cheap theatre is "buy one movie ticket, get one free." THREE BUCKS FOR BOTH OF US!!

Another exciting thing -- this 4th of July looks like it may beat out to win over my favorite 4th of July since, which was the year I went to my friend's house for his block party, and we all swam all day and watched three different cities' fireworks displays from his rooftop. I think this year may be even better. Paul and I are going to barbeque some chicken early in the morning before he goes to work until 2. Then we are going to borrow a friend's intertubes and go float the Snake River! Sometime during this, we are going to eat our bbq chicken, mashed potatoes, and bbq chips, then finish up the river before heading to the Sand Dunes with some friends from home that are up here. There, we are going to shoot off some lovely (illegal) Mexican fireworks:)

I'm pretty excited for this week. Plus, school is almost out, then I'll have an apartment to myself for a month before coming home to California. It's looking to be a good rest of the summer:)


Rebecca said...

Okay, $3 is cheap even if there weren't all the other deals, but free popcorn AND buy-one-get-one, too!? That's crazy. That's like movie prices in 1980 (not that I remember, but I'm guessing).

I don't think we'll be celebrating the 4th here. The Singaporeans, for whatever reason, haven't started celebrating American Independence Day yet. =)

grandma said...

sounds like you will have a fun week-end....stay safe...anxious to have you come home....miss you and love ya....

not2brightGRAM said...

I remember Modesto used to have a "cheap seats" theater. It was where Circuit City by the mall is now. $2.00 seats. But, NEVER free popcorn or buy-1-get-1-free.

Let us know if you like the new Indie movie. I thought it was so-so. Dan hated it, and Rick liked it okay.

Have a SAFE 4th!!

Jess(ica) said...

Wow, what a great deal for a movie! Just the popcorn is about twice that these days! Did you get to do all the things you expected to on the 4th?? Sounds like it would have been a fun day. I LOVE tubing down rivers!