Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just a Few, Random, Insomniac Thoughts

So, as you can probably see from the post time, it is 5:11 my time. That's A.M. by the way. You're probably wondering what I am doing up this early! Does she have some exciting event like a trip to Disneyland planned?? Oh wait, I'm not in California.... Ok, then maybe a trip to Yellowstone? Nope, I've got school all day. Ok, then it must be lots of homework. No... not that, either.

I'm turning into an insomniac again! Twice this week; which really is lame, since for the past two and a half months I have been sleeping wonderfully! I fall asleep 15 minutes after I fall into bed, and I wake up 10 minutes after my alarm originally goes off in the morning. Of course, apparently that is a thing of the past, again.

This morning, I actually laid here for two hours before finally deciding I might as well do something productive with my time, and write senseless blogs on blogspot! And I really refuse to take those sleeping pills again. Way too expensive for my budget...

All right, so off the insomnia, a few new and exciting things. The one I can't contain my excitement about (the most) is ....

TWO MORE MONTHS AND I'M OUT OF HERE!!! (What does she mean by that?) Oh, shh, I'll tell you. Paul and I have decided that... Idaho just is not the place for us. For goodness sake, it's June and I have worn a huge jacket every day!! (Maybe you should get your iron checked?) No, I'm sure with all the tests at the doctors' (yes that is doctors plural possessive) offices, they would have found something. But anyway, back to leaving Idaho. So, I finish school July 18 (but that's only 5 weeks....) I know, I know, but Paul's job lasts until the end of August, so we'll be here until about the 20th (don't worry, Mom, I should be home for your birthday...) and then, in the beautiful, timeless words of Paul, "we'll leave and we'll never come back!" (Or maybe that last part was Gollum... I'm really not sure; life is such a blur this morning!)

(So where are you going then, hmm?) We're thinking somewhere about two hours south of our hometown, M, which would be about F. (I'm sure if you know me, you can figure out those keywords, ok?) Anyway, besides the weather, there are a few other reasons for that... Because you miss me right? Well, yes... that's part of it... but there are a few other reasons.

Ok, honestly, I'm not trying to hit on Idaho for the second time (or is it third) this year since I've been here. So I'm going to try (keyword: try) to be objective here, which supposedly is unbiased, but my opinion is that everyone has a bias based on word choice... but wow, that's another tangent I could save for another time (although it really is a fun tangent -- don't you love the word, "tangent"?) (Wait, what's going on here??) All right, so anyway, now that you've lost your train of thought, but I haven't, I'll get back to the point. Idaho.

Ok, hello, we don't have a beach. Anywhere. And if you start telling me we have a lake, I will laugh at you. We learned in my geography class about "Lake Rigby." Believe you me, anyone from California, and definitely any of my have-been-to or have-lived-in Minnesota readers would call this a pond. But I digress. (Ok, but is a beach really a good reason to leave a state?) You're right, it is just a silly reason; both sound and valid, but silly. Ok, next.

No, but really, the weather here is terrible. (That, again? Get off it...) No, but I'm serious. The warmest it has been since I've been here is, I think... 70? (Sounds good to me...) No, come on, really? That was one day. Every other day, it's been rainy. It's been windy. It's freaking been snowing!! (No way.) Yes, way. I believe the last time we had traces of snow was May 29? Somewhere around there. I'm probably making up the exact date, but, really, it was that recent.

Now, what happens when the weather is this bad? (You... go snowboarding in June?) No, it's too cold for that. If you can't warm up, don't get cold. Anyway, no it's called S.A.D. and believe me, baby, it doesn't go away if the sun never comes up! (Aww you're sad. That's cute.) No, dear, Seasonal Affective Disorder aka (maybe you'll know this one) "depression." So, yeah, that's getting old. That one didn't seem to affect me while in California.

(But what about me? I thought you said you missed me. Were you lying?) No, I wasn't. You're the other reason. I miss family. While we don't want to actually live in the same city (though we might) when we first get married, Paul and I want weekly or bi-monthly visits to at least be possible. (Anything is possible, even from Idaho!) Look, I thought you wanted me to miss you? Sure, it's possible, if you have 1000 extra greenbacks to spend every two weeks.

Ok, and really, life isn't that much more expensive in California. It may even be cheaper. (Yeah, right. What planet did you get your information from?) Well, actually, let me put it this way. Our apartment here was going to be $550 a month, about 500 sq. ft. and surrounded on every side by thin walls and other newlyweds. (Ok, ew.) Yeah that was my thought too. But, we checked out some apartments in F and found a gated community, with single-story separated apartments (does that even make sense?) two pools, barbecue pits, huge laws, a basketball court, and even a jungle gym for the kids (please no one over the age of 30 allowed) (aw, darn). Plus, let me remind the reader that minimum wage in Idaho is a lousy 5.25, while we are at 8 currently in California; I believe that number is going up in January '09 as it has the past who knows how many past Januarys.

So, anyway, I'll leave my schizophrenic thoughts to rest now. As much as I'd love to keep rambling, I'm sure you're growing sores in your eyes from staring at the same colors on this computer screen for so long. Besides, I'm hungry, and really I can't write when my stomach is screaming. It's just so distracting.

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not2brightGRAM said...

Sorry to hear that your insomnia returned. It's very frustrating, I know.

This is a whirlwind time in your life. I am praying that all of your decisions line up with God's will for your life.

Love you! And I would sure love to have you back in California.